Saturday, July 17, 2010

2 more weeks until I move..

I am so excited about moving.
Some of you know how often I have moved the last 8 months and why.
In Dec I moved to a small town. What a nightmare.
On Christmas Day, the furnace in the rented house died. After constantly being put off by the landlord, finally after 6 weeks, I called the township to report it. Within a week, we had our furnace.
So decided in the meantime to find a new place to live.
Ended up moving across town, to the only apt available in town I’m sure. Ok, enough, I guess for young people to live in. Not me though. No storage at all, tiny cupboards, just terrible. And only 2 b rooms!
Aside from that, my 14 yr old son, and my soon to be(in 2 weeks) :) ex, fight constantly. I have to say my son is the more mature out of the 2.
So my son has taken to spending most of his time at his friends’ house. I feel so bad. No child should feel so uncomfortable in their own home.
I now truly understand how much I have let my kids down, by allowing this whole situation to even happen. And yes, I do blame myself. I could say I should have done something about this long ago. I had tried a few times to change things. But how soon we forget…
So since April, shortly after moving here, I’ve been working with some people, to help me find a new place to start over. Just me and my kids.
Found out a few weeks ago, we had a place! I went to see and I love it!
Its’ huge, 3 bedrooms, tons of storage, 2 bathrooms(imagine 2 bathrooms for 3 people)! And dishwasher, that I know I will be making good use of!
We will be near shopping, grocery stores, movie theater, schools, everything you could want. Plus the beach is very closeby! Oh how I have missed seeing water. lol
I have big plans for once we move. But I think the best thing I am looking forward to, is having a place, where all of my 4 kids(and other halfs too), and my Grandson, can live/visit without the stress of feeling the need to walk on eggshells.

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