Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree and Snowstorm

My tree is up! Very unusual as I like to wait as long as possible. My Christmas tree looks different this year then any year before. The colors are turquoise and silver, with white lights. Trees of past, were quite ugly with a mish mash of colors, and colored lights. Could it be that's why I got the tree up as late as I could and as early as I cold? Not sure how I feel about this tree, I almost feel like I am cheating by breaking out of my normal tradition. Yes, ugly and boring.

On a bad note, we are in the process of a nasty snowstorm, the first of this season. It started Sunday night (I am writing this in the wee hours of Weds), and it is still going strong. Yes with snow comes school closures of course. Today made 5 days in a row, Sarah has been home with me.(Friday she was sick. Isn't it funny how kids never get sick on a snow day? Sarah has been keeping me entertained with many things. The girl loves to sing, unfortunately for me, she sometimes has a singing voice like Edith Bunker. To anyone old enough to remember (lol) the 70's, you may remember Archie Bunker. Remember now? The opening song, "Those were the Days".
I really need to get myself a pair of earplugs, to have on hand, for the next snow days.

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